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A toy rattle drum featuring the lion and elephant from our Wild Wonders design on each side of the drum head.

  • A perfect way to introduce toddlers to making sound and rhythm 
  • Simply twist the handle between the palms of the hands to get the beads to strike the drum head 
  • Diameter of drum head is approx. 7 cm 
  • Length of handle is approx. 10 cm


  • Not for children under the age of 3 years 
  • Do not use close to the ear as this could cause damage to hearing

Product Materials: Drum Head: Polyester, Nylon; Handle: Wood (Cherry); Beaters: Wood, Cotton String

Packaging Material: Bag: Plastic (PE); Swing Tag: Card (Commonly Recyclable); Swing Tag Attachment: Elastic

Product dimensions: Width: 18cm, Length: 17cm, Height: 3.2cm, Weight: 50g
Packaged dimensions: Width: 11.5cm, Length: 19cm, Height: 3.3cm, Weight: 55g

EAN: 5027455439228


CHF 16.95Preis
Lieferbar in ca. 2 Wochen
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