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A set of three traditional-style mini wooden spinning tops of different sizes.

  • Large: approx. 3.8 cm (diameter) × 4.8 cm (height) 
  • Medium: approx. 3 cm (diameter) × 4 cm (height) 
  • Small: approx. 2.5cm (diameter) × 3.5 cm (height) 


  • Not for children under 3 years 

Product Materials: Spinning Tops: Wood

Packaging Material: Box: Card (Commonly Recyclable)

Product dimensions: Width: 3.8cm, Length: 3.8cm, Height: 4.8cm, Weight: 29g
Packaged dimensions: Width: 5.5cm, Length: 8cm, Height: 5.2cm, Weight: 40g

EAN: 5027455442068


CHF 12.95Preis
Lieferbar in ca. 2 Wochen
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